P.S.H.E. and R.S.E. (Personal, Social and Health Education/Relationships and Sex Education)



Sundridge School promotes healthy lifestyles, good relationships and teaches safety and skills for modern life. All lessons follow planning from SCARF Coram, an organisation who follow the Department for Education's new statutory guidance on the subject. 


There are three core areas cover Relationships, Healthy and Wellbeing and Living in the Wider World. These are taught through six units and use a broad range of real life contexts. 

  1. Me and my relationships
  2. Valuing difference
  3. Keeping myself safe
  4. Rights and responsibilities
  5. Being my best
  6. Growing and changing

Children are taught about how to stay safe and healthy. This includes areas such as drugs and alcohol, diet, mental and physical wellbeing. Children also learn about what makes a healthy relationship and how to recognise good and bad friendships. In Years 3 to 6, pupils learn about puberty, periods, personal hygiene and prepare for secondary school transition.  

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 Walk to School and The Daily Mile

We encourage children to walk to school as it is healthier and prevents traffic and pollution around the school. At times, pupils take part in The Daily Mile, a 1 mile fun run around the playground, that promotes fitness.

 Healthy Lunchboxes

Children are encouraged to bring a healthy lunchbox to school.  Children are asked not to bring unhealthy foods such as sweets or chocolate bars. We do not permit energy drinks or fizzy drinks. No nuts or nut traces please.

 Healthy Snacks

Children are encouraged to bring a healthy snack at playtime.  Children are able to drink water throughout the day.  Please provide your child with a named drink bottle.  Fizzy drinks, nuts, sweets and chocolate are not allowed.


In Citizenship we develop the social, emotional and moral well being of every child. We teach the pupils about democracy, equality and finances. Pupils are taught how to keep safe when playing outside; road safety and about risk taking. We also look at money matters and issues such as racism and homelessness. 

Character Education

In addition, we promote the development of children's personal character through our character education. There are 6 areas that include themes such as Resilience, Moral Compass and Confidence. Special assemblies and award ceremonies take place each half term. We commend our pupils who strive to achieve in all areas.

Sex and Relationships

 Pupils are taught early on to use the correct names for external body parts and about the 'Pants' rule, which encourages pupils to understand that their private parts are private. We also teach pupils how to recognise good relationship qualities and about the different types of relationships. Puberty is introduced in Year 3 and 4, and fully taught in Year 5 and 6, however we currently only teach pupils about the changes they will undergo during the ages of 8-18. Much of this is a statutory part of Science teaching. We will always provide information about our puberty teaching prior to the lessons being delivered. We have decided as a school not to teach our pupils about sexual intercourse.

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Useful websites:

Puberty and periods: https://bettyforschools.co.uk/


Keeping safe: https://www.nspcc.org.uk/

Internet saftey: https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/parents/jessie-and-friends-videos/




Please ask your child's teacher if you require further information about any aspects of this important subject.