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Bienvenidos a la Escuela Primaria Sundridge!


Our Junior children are learning Spanish as part of our curriculum.   There is an emphasis on speaking and listening and the concepts and vocabulary leading to progression in writing skills.  It includes the children learning language through:


  • Speaking and listening; including repetition of words using flashcards and powerpoints, games and oral activities, including the opportunity to hear native speakers.
  • Reading; children read the target language through signs around the classroom, flashcards, powerpoints and books. 
  • Writing; children are able to complete simple worksheets and activities and as their skills progress they will be able to write and spell in the target language.
  • Cultural awareness; children will have a greater understanding of their own life and culture through looking at the lives of others around the world. They become aware of the similarities and differences in peoples, their daily lives, their beliefs and values.